Defending the world against negativity

The Teddy Bear is a modern day dream totem protecting us from bad dreams and negative energy.
Fighting to remember the hope and dreams we held as children. Standing firm in the face of adversity striving to make the world a better place.
A multi media magical art project.

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

 Well it's been a while since our last report on the creative front here at the Teddy Bear Army HQ.

 The bears of course have as always been hard at at work as always in their never ending fight against the nightmares.

 I've found it hard going on the writing front of late. Much more so than when serious illness took me at the start of the year. Then I seized the opportunity to make a positive out of a negative and to finally make the time to get finished writing "If you go down to the wood today".  Which had been sitting in note form next to my bed for years as work took up all of my energy.

 I had a beginning a middle and and end, all the key ingredients. I was really enthusiastic, I really felt I had a comprehendible project of substance on my hands. I knew for the first time ever in all my attempts to write a book exactly how the story worked, or at least I thought I did. Then I discovered a gap ! It was like a horrible memory blank. Nothing I tried would fill it it drove me mad. My confidence was shaken and I became increasingly frustrated.

 Life was difficult. My wife needed a serious operation and I was struggling to see if I would be able to return to work as a tattooist with the limitations the hemiplegic migraines I had been regularly suffering with were imposing on me. Then during this period my step father died very suddenly with no warning.  I was devistated. During the early stages of the grieving process my creative energy went into hibernation for a while before refocusing itself on completely new facets of expression.

 Then after a long process of  practical re-ordering in my life, just like magic the lights clicked on and the characters who for so long had been trapped at disparate plot points hovering in jittery freeze frame sprang smoothly back into life, the neurones reconnected and it all made sense again.

 I'm looking forward to getting the first draft finished by February.

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